“Old Time Hockey” Review

Get ready to take a trip back to the golden age of hockey! Old Time Hockey is the sports title fans never knew they needed, as it immerses players in a 1970’s-esque world where hockey experienced its golden days. Complete with a story mode and couch multiplayer gaming, Old Time Hockey is an enjoyable experience for longtime fans of the genre.

I found the campaign in Old Time Hockey to be quite interesting. A game that is particularly appealing to fans of films such as Goon or Slap Shot, players will find themselves controlling a team who is teetering on the edge of failure, as losing their ability to keep participating in the sport professionally is on the table. While these little story bits were entertaining during loading screens & news articles, it would have been interesting to see a more in-depth version of the tale they were trying to portray. Also at times, I felt as if the game could have played a little bit better. Controls sometimes felt stiff during my time with the title, but I still found myself enjoying the environments & different locations.

Another commendable achievement for Old Time Hockey is the fact that V7 Entertainment has made the game available on the PC, which is rare for hockey titles since the last game in EA’S NHL franchise to hit the PC market was back in 2009. The game’s soundtrack is also enjoyable, and does a good job of helping to reinforce the atmosphere found throughout the game. Between the soundtrack, the effects on the game’s camera, and the commentary, players will truly feel as if they have been transported to the 1970s. Old Time Hockey also perfectly captures the intensity, hilarity, and action found within the ice rink, as players have no problem engaging in brutal fist-fights against each other. Fighting is definitely a highlight in the title, as it should be when making a game about hockey.

A definite plus-side to the title has to be the inclusion of a four-player couch multiplayer option. It is rare to see a game releasing within the last couple of years that features non-internet based multiplayer modes, so this was an added bonus to Old Time Hockey. While the AI in the game is lackluster, playing with friends makes the experience far better. Overall, Old Time Hockey is a game that prides itself on reliving what is great about the sport. On the technical side of things, there is definitely room for improvement, but the ideas that the game is based on are sound. With some slight cleaning up, V7 could have an extremely satisfying hockey title on their hands, as they have established a base for a stellar title. I have great hope for this game as it makes its way to the Nintendo Switch & Xbox One soon. For now, though, you can pick up Old Time Hockey on Steam & PlayStation 4 starting on March 28th. For all your game reviews and entertainment news, make sure to keep it here on NYCityGuys!

– Adam Sullivan

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