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Killing Floor 2 Demo at New York Comic-Con

Killing Floor 2

This year at New York Comic-Con, we got the chance to take an exclusive look at Tripwire Interactive’s upcoming FPS Killing Floor 2. During the demo, we were shown the ten new perks which are included in the sequel. Each perk will feature 25 levels. Killing Floor 2 will be much more expansive than the first game, and is built to have more time put into it. A lot of people were able to make their way through the levels in the last game quickly, but in Killing Floor 2, it will take a little longer, which allows for more time in-game.

Killing Floor 2 will be more difficult than its predecessor. The ZEDs are also smarter than they were in Killing Floor. They will learn new moves and adapt to your play style to make the game as challenging as possible. This will also encourage trying new approaches to Killing Floor 2, along with using different strategies. Killing Floor 2 will be heading to Steam Early Access in 2015. For more details on Killing Floor 2, keep it here on NYCityGuys!

– Adam Sullivan

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