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Celebrate Saddlenalia With Einhorn’s Epic Cookies!

bea947b8-14d5-46c6-ac57-125f587103d1If you haven’t heard of them already, Einhorn’s Epic Cookies combine some of the greatest things our world has to offer– cookies, comic books, and unicorn warriors from outer space– all in one package!

The cookies come in four varieties, each based on the personality of (and named for) one of the members of the Royal Einhorn Force (more on them in a minute): Houston, whose cookie features chocolate chips and potato chips in a maverick combo that breaks all the rules; Cadiz, whose cookie brings a serious party by blending the flavor of a birthday cake with crisped rice and a constellation of rainbow sprinkles; Romsey, with a combination of sweet and smooth in his cookie full of bacon bits, peanut butter, and chocolate; and Broxburn, packing a punch with oatmeal, chocolate chip, and a hint of maple.

These four unicorn heroes are the center of the Royal Einhorn Force comics, which recounts the gang’s exploits as they try to thwart the wicked Lord Farragut’s scheme to overthrow King Kensington and rule Eintropolis. There’s a comic included with every single cookie, and you can check out the official website to read them all (as well as special web-only chapters!)

On top of the R.E.F.’s typical exploits in Eintropolis, there’s a special comic up now about Saddlenalia. “What’s Saddlenalia?” you ask… Here’s what! Every winter, the residents of Eintropolis celebrate Saddlenalia. This day commemorates the moment a mythical hero known as Sugar Hoof rose up onto his hind hooves and shed his saddle once and for all. Nowadays, a horse of untold bravery and kindness, Sugar Hoof travels the world over, handing out apples and sugar cubes to remind everyone of the sweetness of FREEDOM.

Season's Eatings

The folks over at Einhorn’s Epic Cookies are giving you a special Saddlenalia gift as well– 25% off your next order with the promo code SADDLENALIA! Just click the photo above to travel to EEC’s store page, where you can find all of their awesome cookie packages and pick out your favorites for the holidays! Act quickly and you could even grab some delicious cookies for your friends and family in time for Christmas– delivery by Dec. 25 is guaranteed if you order by this Friday, December 19th.

Trust me on this one– you’ve GOT to try Einhorn’s Epic Cookies. We got a chance to taste some during NYCC this October (EEC was the official cookie of New York Comic-Con 2014) and they are incredible. I’d recommend a favorite flavor to you if I could, but honestly, I love each and every one… so I guess I recommend trying all of them! You can check out our pictures of EEC’s awesome Comic-Con booth in the gallery below, and visit the official Einhorn’s Epic Cookies website here.

– Louie Sullivan

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