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Monopoly: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Game Review

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Monopoly

You can finally bring the magic of the movies home with Diamond Select’s all-new Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Monopoly Game! The game’s tokens feature classic moments from Kevin Smith’s iconic films, such as Buddy Christ, Mooby, the Cock-Knocker’s Fist, The Bluntmobile, Suzanne, and a film reel can! The game board takes you throughout the entire adventure of Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, bringing you to locations like the Quick Stop Groceries, The Dam, and the Bluntcave Movie Set. The game also has new Chance cards and game pieces, along with other little details that truly give the board the Jay and Silent Bob feel. Instead of standard Monopoly bills, the game has movie checks that are issued from MIRAMAX.

Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back Monopoly

Monopoly: Jay and Silent Bob Collector’s Edition is a must-have for fans of the hit film starring Jason Mewes and Kevin Smith. In the all-new Jay and Silent Bob Monopoly Game, you can grab your favorite game token, and go on an adventure with the less-than-dynamic duo of Jay and Silent Bob as they save some animals and venture across the states! Monopoly: Jay and silent Bob Collector’s Edition is available now, and is great for any fan of Kevin Smith’s classic comedy adventure! You can view some images showcasing this awesome product from Diamond Select below!

– Adam Sullivan

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