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New WWE POP! Figures Enter the Ring This September!

Are you ready to rumble?! New WWE Pop!s are making a grand entrance into the collectibles arena!

Whether you call him The Icon, The Stinger, or The Vigilante, Sting is always ready to come at his opponent with a patented Scorpion Deathlock!

André the Giant is an undeniable WWE classic! His POP! dons his signature suit so his infamous elbow drops can live on for eternity!

And on the Total Divas side of things, the Bella Twins are ready to brawl!

Between Brie’s missile dropkick and Nikki’s Alabama slam, the duo are formidable to say the least!

All four of these WWE POP! 3 3/4″ vinyl figures are hitting stores this September– so keep an eye out for them and more at your local GameStop, Toys R Us, comic shop, and wherever toys and collectibles are sold!

– Louie Sullivan

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