Friday Feature: Prove Your Magical Might With Spellcaster!

IMG_3028Looking for something awesome to do with your weekend?NYCityGuys has you covered with our Friday Feature! Every Friday, we’ll have a brand new recommendation– things to do, places to do, books to read, games to play, and more!

For the Friday Feature this week, we’re giving you a look at an awesome board game that will surely deliver hours of entertainment on end– Spellcaster, by R&R Games.

Here’s how it works: each player begins with three cards, two Sorcery Sapphires (the blue gems seen above) and ten Energy Crystals (the yellow gems, also visible in the above photo.) The object of the game is to either deplete your enemy’s Energy Crystals (health, essentially) to zero or acquire a total of fifteen Sorcery Sapphires. To do this, you use spells, found on the game’s cards. On each turn, you draw a card, and then can perform two additional actions (including drawing an additional card, playing a card, i.e. placing it on the corresponding color, and activating it.) Spellcaster can also be played by three or four players, with players splitting into teams to battle.

Spellcaster is a fantastic game you’ll find yourself wanting to play again and again– Adam and I have been paying it almost daily for about a week or two now– and it only gets better as you continue to play! You should definitely check it out if you like:

Magic: The Gathering

Strategy Games

Card Games

We hope you’ve enjoyed our Friday Feature– stay tuned for more fun next week, and b sure to check out previous Friday Features if you liked this one!

– Louie Sullivan

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