NYCC 2015: Einhorn’s Epic Cookies Get a Great New Recipe!

ref     It’s no secret by now that we’re big fans of Einhorn’s Epic Cookies here at NYCityGuys. We were blown away by the innovations brought by the hybrid cookie and comic book company to NYCC last year, and thrilled to join EEC for their first ever Cookie Party at East Side Mags in Montclair, NJ this past spring. So it’s only natural that our interest was totally piqued when we heard that Einhorn’s had made some updates to their cookies just in time for New York Comic-Con 2015.

Thankfully, we had the opportunity to test out the latest batch of Einhorn’s Epic Cookies at NYCC this past weekend, and I’m happy to report that the new formula cookies are even better than their predecessors! Using a new recipe has made these delicious cookies even more fun, enhancing the flavor  and also softening the cookies up for that fresh out of the oven feel! Broxburn’s cookies are a particular highlight, as the maple flavor is even more pronounced, and the Romsey cookies which bring the bacon even more than before!

We’re also thrilled to let you know that there are more installments to the exciting adventures of the Royal Einhorn Force on the way! While we don’t want to spoil too much of the fun here, I can definitely tell you that there are some fun and memorable characters waiting around the corner for the REF, and I can’t wait to see the next steps in their awesome journey– hopefully there’s plenty more to come!

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