Adventure Time: Islands Premieres This Monday!

Starting this Monday, January 30th, Cartoon Network will be premiering Adventure Time: Islands, an eight-part miniseries that will tie up some loose ends & answer questions that longtime fans of Pendleton Ward’s smash hit animated show may have. The miniseries will be available starting this Tuesday on DVD, iTunes, Amazon Video, and Google Play with exclusive behind the scenes clips, song demos and more. You can check out a sneak preview of the show’s premiere episode “Part 1: The Invitation” above, and you can check out the full episode listing below!

Monday, Jan. 30: “Islands, Part 1: The Invitation” – A mysterious craft invades Ooo and Finn believes it may hold the secrets to his past.
Monday, Jan. 30: “Islands, Part 2: Whipple the Happy Dragon” – Finn, Jake, and Susan set sail on an ocean voyage full of wonders and danger.
Tuesday, Jan. 31: “Islands, Part 3: Mysterious Island” – After waking up alone and shipwrecked, Finn investigates a bizarre island in search of his friends.
Tuesday, Jan. 31: “Islands, Part 4: Imaginary Resources” – Finn and Jake travel to a land where reality has been redesigned and improved.
Wednesday, Feb. 1: “Islands, Part 5: Hide and Seek” – While exploring some futuristic ruins, Susan sees glimpses of a familiar girl.
Wednesday, Feb. 1: “Islands, Part 6: Min & Marty” – An unexpected revelation from Susan leads Finn closer to answers about his past.
Thursday, Feb. 2: “Islands, Part 7: Helpers” – Finn and his friends journey to a last refuge called Founders Island.
Thursday, Feb. 2: “Islands, Part 8: The Light Cloud” – Finn confronts the power behind Founders Island, but will he ever return home to Ooo?

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 – Adam Sullivan

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