“DESYNC” Review

DESYNCAs a longtime fan of the first-person shooter genre, DESYNCby Adult Swim Games & The Foregone Syndicate, is a breath of fresh air. Rewarding players for stringing together combos of vicious attacks, DESYNC is your new favorite old-school shooter that you haven’t played yet. The game offers quite a challenge, and a nice variety of enemy types. Players will find themselves blasting through open environments dodging, jumping, and shooting nonstop in this fast-paced and vibrant title.

DESYNC is explosive, fun, and a genuinely enjoyable game throughout. It does a great job of taking what was great about older first-person shooters like Quake and incorporating these mechanics into an updated & fresh experience. The game’s soundtrack is also something to be noted, as the high-energy gunfights are accompanied by pounding synthesizers straight out an ’80s action movie. The game is quite difficult at first, but nothing feels better than learning, adapting, and blasting through rooms achieving the highest combos possible along with the most stylish kills. Evaluating the game’s unique combat situations definitely helps in achieving higher scores, setting up the perfect takedowns, and passing the game’s intense missions. Keeping on your toes is essential, and analyzing the enemies in front of you & the objects you can use to fight them, such as wall or floor spikes, definitely adds some challenge & variety to the already impressive title.

DesyncOverall, DESYNC is an extremely enjoyable experience, and one of the most unique shooters I have played in recent memory. With an awesome soundtrack, varied gameplay, cool level design, and challenging enemies, DESYNC is the complete package for fans of the shooter genre. I had an awesome time blasting my way through a variety of levels, and trying to set up the most innovative kills to land the big high scores. The game is definitely not one to miss, and should be given a chance by anyone willing to try out something different within the first-person shooter genre. DESYNC is available now on Steam. You can check out the Steam store page here. For all of your entertainment news & reviews, make sure to keep it here on NYCityGuys!

– Adam Sullivan

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