“Logan” Review

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After 17-years in the role of the iconic super hero, Hugh Jackman’s run as Wolverine has finally come to a fitting conclusion in 2017’s Logan. A much darker tone from previous movies related to the X-Men franchise, Logan tells the story of Wolverine, Professor X, and their quest in protecting whatever is left of the mutants. Set in the year of 2029, mutants are no longer the focus of the government’s attention. But, many things have changed, as now Xavier finds himself having seizures that classify him as a weapon of mass destruction. Logan puts the heroes into their darkest place yet, as the struggle for survival is a theme throughout. The movie shines as a crowning achievement for both Jackman and Stewart, who have spent many years portraying these characters across a wide variety of X-Men films.

While Stewart & Jackman do a spectacular job in their roles, there is still some room left in the spotlight for Hollywood newcomer Dafne Keen, who portrays Laura, or “X-23” in the film. X-23 serves as a perfect companion for Wolverine, as they both prove to be as stubborn as each other. This creates some interesting scenes in the film, as at times it feels as Logan is looking into a mirror at his younger self. Sharing a similar power to Wolverine, Laura also wields a set of claws in the film. Engaging in some of the most violent fight scenes fans have seen yet in super hero films, Keen holds her own alongside Jackman’s Wolverine, as they go back-to-back tearing through enemies. As an audience member, I haven’t had so much fun watching battles in a super hero movie previous to this. Logan is a film that doesn’t pull its punches, and it pays off in a big way.

Overall, Logan is the perfect end of a chapter for the iconic characters we have come to know and love. Patrick Stewart does a spectacular job of showing an extremely sick Charles Xavier, whose hope for the future of mutants is the driving force keeping him alive, and Hugh Jackman shines as he dons his claws for the final time. While darker than the other films, Logan is a fitting conclusion for Jackman’s Wolverine. The film has set the bar high for super hero movies releasing in 2017, and will go down as one of my favorite movies in the genre. For more on Logan, you can check out 20th Century Fox’s official website here, and for all your movie news & reviews, keep it here on NYCityGuys!

– Adam Sullivan


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