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#NYCC2017: Checking Out the SuperHeroStuff Booth + New Products!

During New York Comic-Con 2017, we had the chance to stop in at the official booth & check out all the cool new shirt designs and merchandise they had to offer! As opposed to its usual size, the SuperHeroStuff booth expanded in a partnership with New Era. In addition to all the awesome movie and comic book-themed t-shirts, backpacks, and hoodies, fans can now also pick up New Era caps at the both. Ranging in anything from Star Wars to licenses under DCComics and Marvel, the booth has everything hardcore fans need to be decked out for future conventions.

First off, we have an awesome new Star Wars design. The shirt, captioned “Hoth Tub” shows a Tauntaun being used as a hot tub. For fans of the original trilogy films, this shirt comes as a cool and humorous reference. An original design made for SuperHeroStuff, the shirt is a great addition to my Star Wars t-shirt collection.

Next up, we have a shirt referencing Uncle Owen and Beru from the Star Wars universe, and their annual “cookout.” While there was a heavy superhero presence at the SuperHeroStuff booth, they also had an extremely wide selection of Star Wars content, which was awesome for a mega-fan such as myself. Seeing these new original designs featured at the show brought a smile to my face, and helped me in creating the perfect geek-themed outfits!

For the DC Fans, we’ve got two cool t-shirt designs to check out as well! The first is sure to be a hit with fans of the classic Batman TV Series, as well as those with an offbeat and “puny” sense of humor. The shirt features a bat and a robin against a blue backdrop– with the two animals wearing costumes reminiscent of the iconic superhero suits worn by Batman and Robin. It’s a clever nod back to a brighter time for the Dark Knight, and definitely a fun choice.

Rather than celebrating the past, our second DC choice looks ahead to the future– anticipating the upcoming Justice League film later this year! The shirt overlays the new Justice League logo onto an American flag, a design choice which may be a reference to the team’s original designation as the Justice League of America. It’s a cool variation on this type of logo shirt, and one that I’ll definitely wear when it’s time to head out to the movies in November!

There was plenty to check out at SuperHeroStuff’s NYCC booth– and there’s even more over at their site! Be sure to also check out our upcoming post on SuperHeroStuff’s New Era partnership booth and hats, and for all your NYCC and superhero news, keep it here on NYCityGuys!

 – Adam & Louie Sullivan

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