The Walking Dead: “Mercy” Review #TWD @TheWalkingDead

[Disclaimer: This review may contain light spoilers for “Mercy”, the Season 8 premiere of The Walking Dead]

In the explosive Season 8 premiere of AMC’s The Walking Dead, the All Out War plotline begins to unfold, as Rick and his crew head out to battle against Negan. With an abundance of action, along with a tense cliffhanger towards the end of the episode, the season is off to a spectacular start.

With an elaborate plan, Rick and the gang made their move against Negan and his Saviors. As some members of the group worked to horde walkers as others confronted the Saviors head on, “Mercy” was a tense episode setting up what will be quite an interesting season. The walkers looked just as disgusting as ever, as they were seen slopped over fences and littering the battlefield during the episode’s main battle sequence. Along with plenty of gunfire and action, the premiere also features a tribute to a scene from the first episode of Season 1, as Carl mirrors the actions of his father. The 100th episode also features a dream sequence or hallucination of some sort shown from the perspective of Rick in the future. He’s much older, and is seen in a house in what looks to be Alexandria alongside Michonne, Carl, and Judith.  With not much time spent in these sequences and so much else going on in the episode, it is hard to tell where this will lead. However, it served as an interesting break from all the action the episode had to offer.

Throughout the episode, there were moments that reminded me why I’ve stuck with the series for so long, as the group executed their mission and used the walkers to their advantage throughout the fight. The episode’s title — “Mercy” is actually quite fitting for the season premiere, as there was a distinct moment where a character is spared, as Rick realizes that this fight is about more than just himself. The premiere closes out on a high note, and the stakes are through the roof as Gabriel finds himself in literally the worst scenario possible after preventing Rick from killing Negan earlier in the episode.

Overall, “Mercy” is a strong start, and it’s exciting to see the show diving right into the action. Kicking off with a motivational speech from Rick followed by a charge into battle set the tone for an awesome premiere. For more reviews, and for all your news on The Walking Dead, make sure to keep it here on NYCityGuys!

– Adam Sullivan

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