The Walking Dead: “Some Guy” Review #TWD @TheWalkingDead

[Disclaimer: This review may contain spoilers for “Some Guy”, the fourth episode of The Walking Dead’s eighth season]

This week’s episode of The Walking Dead’s 8th season manages to pull at the heartstrings more than any other time since the All-Out War began. With the loss of one of the group’s most interesting members, it seems as if things are beginning to heat up. Picking up where the third episode’s cliffhanger left off, we find Ezekiel piled under the bodies of those who he traveled with. This is definitely a stand-out moment in the episode, as we see them begin to stand up and turn to Walkers, a threat that has until this point felt a lot less prominent recently. The encounter was a welcome change-of-pace from the human vs. human action which has taken most of the time in the All-Out War thus far.

“Some Guy” also puts the spotlight on Carol, as she continues to track down the guns and prevent them from reaching the Saviors. Throughout the episode, she stars in a fair share of action movie hero sequences, including my favorite where she reigns down upon a room full of adversaries. This season, fans are given a great look into how far Carol has come since her first appearance in the show’s first season. From the countless battles she’s taken part in to those whom she outlived, this character has truly become one of my favorites in the current lineup.

Jerry, a character who has not been shown off much this season, is featured in one of the episode’s highlight scenes. As Ezekiel finds himself kidnapped and cornered by Walkers, Jerry executes the Savior who took the King. At this point in the episode, Carol and Ezekiel’s stories intertwine, as she notices them outside the gate where the gun truck is located. After meeting up, fans are treated to a scene showing Daryl and Rick take off after the weapons truck after it speeds away from the outpost.

This chase sequence starring Rick and Daryl show the teamwork and chemistry that the pair have, which is a welcome sight after they butted heads last week on some of the group decision making. However, what could be viewed as a more lighthearted and action-packed moment in the episode is followed by one of the most emotional moments in recent memory. Episode 4 marks the first major death of the season, as we witness Shiva fall victim to a horde of Walkers while Ezekiel watches. This moment serves to remind fans that not everyone is offered immunity on the show, and that their favorite could be fair game moving forward from this point.

Looking forward, I’m beyond excited to see what comes of the Negan and Gabriel plotline, which will be explored in next weeks episode. Overall, this week featured some of the best moments of the season so far, and I’m excited to see where things head as we near the mid-season. For more on The Walking Dead and for all your entertainment news, keep it here on NYCityGuys!

– Adam Sullivan

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