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Henry and Me: A Heartwarming Tale of Perseverance and Hope

Henry & Me, a film by Reveal 42, is the heartwarming tale of Jack, a young boy who, after being diagnosed with cancer, takes a magical journey through baseball history with a stranger named Henry. On the way, he learns a thing or two about the power of perseverance and hope, and discovers that he might just be stronger than even he could have imagined.

Featuring a stellar cast that includes the voice talents of Richard Gere, Chazz Palminteri, Paul Simon, Danny Aiello, Luis Guzman, and Cyndi Lauper, Henry & Me is definitely not a film to miss. It’s an inspirational journey that can help each and every viewer to find their inner strength, and hopefully give them the courage to overcome whatever obstacles they face in life (whether illness or other hardships).

We recently had the privilege of attending the premiere of Henry & Me at the Ziegfeld Theater in New York, where we got the opportunity to meet some of the people behind the film, including New York Yankees Manager Joe Girardi, Director Barrett Esposito, Executive Producer Ray Negroni, and more. You can check out our photos from the event in the gallery below. While Henry & Me is currently only playing at the Landmark Theaters Regent in Los Angeles, it will be available on DVD and Digital Download on September 30.

– Louie Sullivan

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