MGMT: Oracular Spectacular Review

MGMT - Oracular Spectacular

MGMT’s Oracular Spectacular is a phenomenal album, and some of the best music ever released. This album is downright amazing, and it only gets better as it goes on. Oracular Spectacular is one of those records that you just have to sit down and listen to in its entirety. This album defines where MGMT stands as a band, along with showing the group’s potential. MGMT is truly unique, but also shares a similar sound to great bands like Pink Floyd. Oracular Spectacular is truly an awesome album, and one song really blends well into the next which presents the listener with a great music listening experience.

Oracular Spectacular features some of the best tracks that I have heard in modern music in a while. MGMT has crafted such a great album, that I can’t even point out a single flaw in it. My only problem with it is when it ends, but even that’s fine because I can always just listen to it again. Right now, you can grab my personal favorite MGMT album Oracular Spectacular for $5.99 on the Album of the Day App for iOS. But make sure to download it quick. because this amazing deal expires at 9:00 PM tonight!

Here at NYCityGuys, these are our two favorite tracks from the album:

Adam – “Of Moons, Birds, & Monsters”

Louie – “The Youth”

– Adam Sullivan

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