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New My Little Pony Figures from Funko Coming This Fall!

Friendship is magic and so is Funko’s latest series of My Little Pony Mystery Minis!


Will you get a Party Pony like Cheese Sandwich or Pinkie Pie? Maybe your box holds a more powerful Pony, like Princess Celestia or Queen Chrysalis, or even a black variant! Find out this September when Funko’s My Little Pony Mystery Minis (Series 3) arrives in stores!


Also coming this September, the leaders of the Crystal Empire are here!

Princess Cadance

Princess Cadance and her husband, Prince Shining Armor, are My Little Pony royalty! Add them to your collection to become royalty, too!

Shining Armor

Spike the Dragon also joins our My Little Pony line! No collection is complete without Twilight Sparkle’s best friend and number one assistant!


All of these My Little Pony vinyl figures and blind boxes will be in stores this September– so keep an eye out for them and more from Funko (like POP! figures based off Monty Python and the Holy GrailBioshock, Rocky Horror Picture Show, and WWE) at your local GameStop, Toys R Us, comic shop, and wherever toys and collectibles are sold!

– Louie Sullivan

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