“Small Radios Big Televisions” Review

Small Radios ReviewSmall Radios Big Televisions is the newest indie title released by Adult Swim Games. The premise of Small Radios Big Televisions is the player must make their way through 5 abandoned factories, discovering tapes left behind that uncover secrets about the world. When viewing the tapes, players are taken into a variety of virtual worlds, such as forests, a long-stretching road, trains, and more. Each world inside of the different tapes is beautiful and varied, while still maintaining the grainy and distorted feel of the game. These worlds also hold the key to unlock new locations within the facilities. It was cool to see a different version of these worlds when using the found tapes in front of magnets, as it alters the player’s view into a more nightmaric looking version of the world from what was visited before. I found myself extremely satisfied with this impressive indie title. The game is vibrant, new, and has a sense of mystery that makes you want to keep pushing forward to discover what happens next.

Small Radios Review

The puzzle game-esque aspects of the game are also quite enjoyable, as you must use the emeralds found within the tapes to open doors in the facility. It does a great job of connecting the worlds in which the player must traverse through during their journey. One of my favorite parts of Small Radios Big Televisions is the game’s soundtrack. With loud 80’s-style synthesizers and distorted sound effects, the game would feel incomplete without this fitting music behind it. Small Radios Big Televisions creates an eerie and mysterious atmosphere when exploring the facility and jumping into the worlds of the tapes that players discover.

Small Radios ReviewOverall, Small Radios Big Televisions is definitely worth checking out. It makes players want to keep exploring, as these factories chock-full of old tapes are ripe for discovery. The soundtrack is pleasing, as it fits the atmosphere, and the graphics serve their purpose of portraying a certain atmosphere that works well with the game’s ideas that are presented, and the overall tone. I enjoyed uncovering the tapes, and exploring the worlds hidden within them, all while making my way through abandoned buildings in my quest to the end. In a time where the indie game scene is flooded with too much of the same, Small Radios offers a new take on exploration and discovery. Small Radios Big Televisions is available now on PC and PlayStation 4. You can check out the game’s official website here. For all your Adult Swim news and for all your entertainment reviews, keep it here on NYCityGuys!

– Adam Sullivan

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