Runbow: Deluxe Edition Review for the Wii U!

Runbow: Deluxe Edition for the Wii U is a high-energy game full of bright colors and lots to do. The deluxe edition includes over 100 levels, 50+ characters & costumes, and all of the DLC released for the title. Also included in the deluxe edition comes both volumes of the game’s original soundtrack. With lots to do and plenty to see, Runbow is an absolute blast, and definitely worth checking out on your Wii U console.

RunbowRunbow is perfect for the holiday season, as it is an all-age title that many can play at once. The game features 9-player multiplayer, so you can dive in with all of your friends. With plenty of characters to choose from, including some featured from other popular indie games like Shovel Knight and Bit. Trip Runner, there are enough great choices to go around. The game’s art style is interesting & appealing. The vibrant environments which the player finds themselves traversing are visually impressive, with an overall bright and happy tone. Overall, the game is spectacular in it’s delivery, and I had an absolute blast playing it with friends. The game, while being a simple concept, has many unique and detailed ideas that keep players interested. It stands out as a diamond in the rough among indie games currently on the market. Runbow is fast, frantic, fun, and a must-have for indie game enthusiasts & Wii U owners.


With plenty to do and characters to unlock, Runbow is a game that will keep players hooked for hours at a time. I found myself traversing through many of the 100+ levels in long sittings, and playing both by myself or with some of my friends. The simplicity of the game is what makes it work so well, as the game’s concept is straightforward and fun. A well-rounded and enjoyable experience, Runbow makes as a perfect title heading into the holiday season. For more reviews, make sure to keep it here on NYCityGuys!

– Adam Sullivan

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