“Apollo Gauntlet” and “Hot Streets” to Debut on Adult Swim This Year!

Adult Swim has announced that two new shows will be joining their highly-praised lineup. Both shows will be releasing at different points within 2017. First up, we have Apollo Gauntlet. The show, created by Canadian animator Myles Langlois. strives to bring back the old-fashioned 1980’s-era Saturday Morning Cartoon aesthetic to the network. The superhero show will focus on protagonist Paul Cassidy, who goes from being an everyday cop to an extraordinary crime fighter with a pair of talking gauntlets. Apollo Gauntlet is set to release this summer with a fifteen-minute run time per episode.

Next up, we have Hot Streets, created by Brian Wysol, whose previous credits include both critically-acclaimed television series Rick and Morty and Robot Chicken. The show will also be produced by Stoopid Buddy Studios, which was formed by members of the Robot Chicken team. The show will focus on FBI Agent Mark Branski and his family, as they investigate a supernatural phenomena. Hot Streets is set to release this upcoming fall, and will also don a fifteen-minute run time per episode.

I can’t wait to check out these new shows in 2017, and for all your Adult Swim news, make sure to keep it here on NYCityGuys!

– Adam Sullivan

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