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IT Chapter Two Haul + Review!

With the release of IT Chapter Two, Warner Bros. sent over some of the coolest merchandise related to the film to check out! The film is in theaters now, and was one of my most anticipated titles of the year. For those of you who haven’t checked out the film yet, you can watch the final trailer for the second chapter here. Naturally, I couldn’t be more excited to discuss this arrangement of absolutely terrifying products!

As an avid Funko Pop collector, I couldn’t have been more excited to receive this Chapter Two Pennywise vinyl figure! In comparison to the Chapter One line, Funko has now come even closer to capturing the eerie look, atmosphere and personality of the character, specifically in the way the eyes are designed. With a thick black rim around the eyes and his signature smile, this Pennywise Funko Pop is a perfect fit for any fans of the franchise. It seems as if with every wave of figures released, the Funko Pop line improves on its previous figures and creates a completely new experience to bring fans even closer to the licenses they are so engrossed by.

I’m also a major fan of the Funko Mystery Minis from IT Chapter Two. Each mystery figure has different odds of being the one inside of the Mystery Minis box. From the two boxes received, I was lucky enough to land 2 unique Pennywise figures, one being similar to the pose he makes in the Pop figurine, and the other resembling his iconic tongue-out look from the second film’s Fun House scene. As someone who has followed the franchise for so long, I can definitely appreciate the detail put into these 2.5 inch figurines. Both figures look absolutely horrifying, and the detail put into them is outstanding for such small figures. The two figures I opened had a 1/6 chance (pictured right) and a 1/12 chance (left) of being in the box. However, no matter what you end up with from this wave of figures, all of them look amazing and directly correlate to a moment from the film.

Next up, we have the IT Chapter Two Vinimates figure from Diamond Select! The block-style figurine is a brand-new design for the Chapter Two film, and places a horrifying Pennywise figure into the collectible world equipped with his signature red balloon. The figurine is incredibly detailed, and captures the frightening smile of Pennywise actor Bill Skarsgard perfectly. It comes with great talent to design a vinyl figure that so perfectly captures the essence of a character, but Diamond Select has hit another home-run in their Vinimates line with this model. An improvement from their 2017 Pennywise figure, the new vinyl has a more detailed face and includes his iconic red nose, as opposed to the latter which did not. His costume is complete with wear and tear, ruffles, and incredible detail for a middle-tier sized figurine.

I also loved these plushies from PhatMojo, both unique with their own phrases taken directly from IT Chapter Two! Loaded with iconic phrases such as “Did you miss me? Because I missed you!,” his signature laugh, and many other lines from the film, these two plush figures are perfect for any IT collection! Both stuffed animals have their own unique phrases from the film, and they both look amazing on display. It’s rare that I take interest in the talking plush line of figures, but these are truly different from the rest of the lot. Operated with a pull string located on the back of the toy’s pants area, the plush toys are a real stand-out and one of my favorite Chapter Two items I’ve seen!

Finally, we have The World of IT, which is my absolute favorite item. Since the first movie began filming, I have been following the production of both IT films for years now. This book does an incredible job of giving fans a peek behind the curtain at literally everything one would want to know about the franchise. From how scenes were shot to storyboards to even a look at some scenes that didn’t make the cut for either film, I couldn’t have been more glad with the result of this book. With a foreword from director Andy Muschietti, this behind-the-scenes book is chock-full of movie information, and feels like a nice item to have in completing the production on both movies. However, I’m still holding my breath on the teased extended-cut for both films. The book goes headfirst into great detail about anything I still had questions about from the film, and it is quite rare to get this much of an extended peek behind production on such a major film franchise. Every page has something new to learn about the movies, and I’ll find myself looking through this book for months to come and revisiting it after my next few rewatches of both movies.

Overall, I’m out-of-this-world excited to have received and checked out these IT Chapter Two products from Warner Bros. With one of my favorite franchises coming to a conclusion, I loved getting the opportunity to see an array of products from Funko, Diamond Select, PhatMojo, and Abrams! For more on the IT franchise and all your favorite movies, make sure to keep it here on NYCityGuys! You can also follow us on Instagram by clicking the link here.

– Adam Sullivan

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