“The Thinning” Review

YouTube Red & Legendary Pictures’ new film The Thinning is a brand new dystopian thriller with an interesting premise. The Michael Gallagher-directed movie stars Peyton List of Disney Channel fame, along with Vine star Logan Paul in his feature film debut. In The Thinning, the population has grown to such substantial numbers that in order to maintain population control, high school students are required to take a test, which decides if they will live or die. The Thinning is a high-octane adventure, and a movie-theater quality experience that has made its way directly to viewers’ living rooms!

The Thinning is like no other action thriller out there, offering an excellent blend of excitement, drama, romance, mystery, and suspense, all wrapped up in a compelling story that echoes timely issues like global warming and the (over)importance placed on standardized testing. Peyton List and Logan Paul shine (as does supporting cast member Matthew Glave as the villainous Gov. Dean Redding), and the chemistry between the two is a definite highlight of the film.


Overall, The Thinning does an awesome job of showing just how great a streaming-exclusive movie can be, as it
sets the bar high for future films releasing on YouTube Red. The movie is enjoyable, and frightening in the fact that in our own society today, we may not be too far away from something like this occuring. The movie is extremely impressive, and according to our interview with director Michael Gallagher, the whole film was shot within a span of 18 days! If you have YouTube Red already, this is definitely a movie worth checking out — and if you don’t, you can start up a free 30-day trial of the service here! YouTube Red is one of the best streaming services avaiable right now, as it offers both exclusive television-esque programming, along with awesome YouTube Red exclusive movies like The Thinning!

We had the chance at New York Comic-Con to catch up with the creators and actors on the show. You can watch our interview with actors Logan Paul & Peyton List here, and you can watch our interview with The Thinning director & writer Michael Gallagher here. For all your entertainment news & reviews, keep it here on NYCityGuys!

Adam Sullivan & Louie Sullivan

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