Dream Corp LLC Episode 2: “The Smoking Gun” Review

Dream Corp LLC“Doctor Roberts can break out of any jail,” boasts Stephanie Allyn’s character Joey in Dream Corp LLC’s second episode. After seeing how he runs his underground facility, prison may not be out of the picture for Jon Gries’ Doctor Roberts. In “The Smoking Gun,” Patient 88 now finds himself with a job at Dream Corp LLC in order to pay off his medical bills to Doctor Roberts. Roberts and 88 work to cure a senior citizen under the name Patient 55, who wants to stop smoking. Dream Corp LLC. begins to take form in this episode, as it does a great job of blending humor with an interesting science fiction story that will keep viewers entertained during the 15 minute runtime. The idea of diving into someone’s dreams is a thrilling concept, and this idea coupled with the show’s rotoscope animation that is used during dream sequences makes for an awesome experience unlike anything seen before. The show has a lot of promising aspects that have kept me hooked and wanting more.

Dream Corp LLC. is one of Adult Swim’s most promising showsDream Corp LLC this year. The most enjoyable part of the show is seeing the mystery of the facility unfold at the same time for both the audience and Patient 88. The characters are charming, and the dream sequences are well-animated, and a fresh take on a compelling idea. Episode 2 is an improvement over an already great season opener, and the show feels as if it is finding it’s way. Episode 2: “The Smoking Gun” airs tonight, October 30th, at 11:45 PM on Adult Swim. For all your Adult Swim news & reviews, keep it here on NYCityGuys!

– Adam Sullivan

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