“SUPERHOT VR” Review (PlayStation VR)

Since the PlayStation VR’s initial launch back in fall 2016, there has not been an experience that comes anywhere close to Superhot VR, a Matrix-esque game that will test your reflexes, along with your planning and combat skills. Players will find themselves deeply immersed in a sleek world as they work around a clock based on their own movements. When players move, the game moves, and when players stay still, things barely move at all. An interesting concept, Superhot VR makes you truly feel like an action hero as you blast, fistfight, and dodge through levels. The game takes full advantage of the PlayStation VR headset, and even allows for movement without much error from the system. If a weapon drops to the ground, there isn’t much hassle when it comes to picking it up. The same goes for hit detection, as punching feels just as natural as the game’s shooting mechanics. Everything flows perfectly, and it feels necessary that it does so because of the complexity of the game.

Superhot VR is a game that makes you think. Most rooms give players multiple ways to fight against their targets. These include bottles, miscellaneous ranged weapons from shotguns to pistols, to some other assorted melee tools. If you want to execute the mission correctly, its important to assess the resources around you, even if they’re in an enemy’s hand. If players are close enough, they can reach out and grab the enemy’s weapon right out of their hand. As the game is played in virtual reality, this was one of my personal favorite features, as I almost felt like I was truly interacting with this world around me.

The game’s minimalistic graphics are one of its biggest selling points. The action in Superhot VR is so fluid due to the fact that finding enemies is quite easy to do. The challenging, yet enjoyable, part is trying to figure out which order you should take them down in. After playing for a little while, I felt like the main character in an action movie, as I ducked and dodged around bullets while fist fighting and throwing shuriken at the enemies surrounding me. Superhot VR plays better than most of the games I’ve experienced so far on Sony’s virtual reality hardware. Visually, the game pops, and there isn’t too much that one would consider jarring, even though the combat can be quite fast.

For PlayStation VR owners, Superhot VR is a must-have. In my experience with the platform so far, Superhot VR takes the cake as the most impressive title not only for its unique visuals, but for its intense combat & ability to make players think. The concept of the game itself is superb, but the addition of the virtual reality headset makes this an incredible release. The team behind Superhot VR have raised the bar for virtual reality titles, and have provided me with one of the most well-thought out games I’ve played in a long time. For more entertainment news and reviews, make sure to keep it here on NYCityGuys!

– Adam Sullivan

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