“Gigantic” Review

Perfect World Entertainment & Motiga Inc. have knocked it out of the park with their new hero shooter Gigantic. A colorful & fast-paced multiplayer experience, Gigantic provides players with one of the most unique titles of 2017. Feeling like a breath of fresh air, the game brings some really interesting ideas to the table. In each match, two teams will work to gain different points on the map. These points will provide their team’s Guardian with more power, leading to them initiating a strike on the other team’s Guardian. Gigantic’s Guardians are a shining point in this game, as they tower over the battlefield with their massive scale. The Guardians help in making Gigantic feel like a huge battle straight out of a beautiful fantasy movie, as the two large beasts go at each other’s necks while players will fight against the opposing forces at their feet. There are two Guardians in Gigantic — Grenn & Leiran.  Leiran is a griffin with sprawling wings, where Grenn resembles more of a snake-like character. When these two clash on the battlefield, there is nothing else like it. One holds the other down as players rush forward and wait for their chance to strike against the beast. Within your first few matches, players will soon understand that Gigantic is truly a game like no other.

Multiplayer matches in Gigantic pit two teams of 5 against each other, or one team of 5 against a team of 5 bots depending on which mode players select. Matches are frantic, fun, and a joy to partake in. Gigantic finds the perfect balance between the strategy found in popular MOBA games & the exciting gameplay that many enjoy from the shooter genre. From personal experience, I would recommend playing a few Bot Matches before diving into the main 5v5 mode that Gigantic offers. With all the heroes the game has to offer, its important to test around and figure out which one best fits a specific play style. For example, I found myself enjoying my time with Lord Knossos, as he is described as a bruiser and a warlord. Close combat is a blast in this game, but the ranged characters can also be a lot of fun. Beckett, who comes equipped with machine pistols, grenades, cannons, and a jetpack, can make for an awesome and explosive match.

For those who played Gigantic before its official launch on July 20th, there is still a lot new to experience in the game. One of the game’s newest additions is a new hero by the name of Ramsay. A fighter type, Ramsay comes equipped with a blade to tear through his foes. On top of the base heroes in the game along with Ramsay, the team plans to add a new hero to the game every month now that it is officially launched. Gigantic shines due to its expansive roster of heroes to choose from, as strategies must be formed around the heroes players pick and how they can work together.

The character roster is definitely something to behold. All unique and varied, the heroes pop with personality. From short and silly characters such as Uncle Sven to robotic and rusted machines like HK-206, there is a sense of a larger world behind the game. The hero shooter’s world design is another reason why Gigantic shines. With a cartoon-esque feel and many bright colors, its hard not to love the battlefield.

Overall, Perfect World Entertainment’s Gigantic is a treat for multiplayer gamers. Feeling like a complete experience at launch with promises of new heroes to come, I can see myself spending a lot of time invested in the game. Gigantic shows promise, fresh ideas, and a reason to keep coming back for more. For all your Gigantic news and updates on when new characters will be launching in the coming months, make sure to keep it here on NYCityGuys!


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