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You’ll Float Too With Funko’s New IT Collectibles! #NYTF #ToyFair #FUNKOTFNY

Funko has unveiled the newest wave in the Funko Pop! figures based around 2017’s IT film. This weekend at New York Toy Fair, I had the chance to get up close and personal with the newest additions to the set, which include all of the Losers club, plus some extra main characters from the movie. The figures include the most important details that bring the characters to life, whether by use of a small prop or a detail via the Pop’s clothing. For instance, the Eddie figurine dons his signature cast from the movie, with the word “LOSER” inscribed onto the side, and the Georgie figure is shown holding the boat from the film.

The full lineup of figures includes Richie, Mike, Stanley, Eddie, Ben, Beverly, Bill, and Georgie, along with a new Pennywise figure featuring the character’s crab-like arms. In addition, while not displayed on the show floor, fans can expect to see two other Pennywise alterations, alongside Beverly and Georgie Chase figures, releasing in this wave. Alongside the huge Pop! announcement, Funko also pulled back the curtain on some brand new plush products for the IT license. The upcoming VYNL two-pack featuring Pennywise and Georgie was also on display at the booth, and captures a unique art style that is sure to pop out and excite fans. For some close-ups on all of the new IT items, you can check out the gallery below! For more New York Toy Fair coverage, and for all your news on Funko, keep it here on NYCityGuys!

– Adam Sullivan

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